Commercial Property

Kincardine Estate rents out a number of small shops, workshops, and other commercial property in and around Kincardine O’Neil.


The village of Kincardine O’Neil straddles the busy A93, North Deeside Road which means that although Kincardine O’Neil village itself is small, it provides a great opportunity to attract passing traffic and customers. This is particularly the case as street-side parking for passing traffic makes Kincardine O’Neil a very convenient place to stop to pick up a few vital items.


The estate also provides a number of small workshops. These are generally modest in nature but can provide ideal locations for starting up a small business. Some of the premises are also suitable for conversion to offices and have been used as such.

Land for Commercial Development

Land close to the centre of Kincardine O’Neil is scheduled for commercial development in the Local Plan and Kincardine Estate is interested in seeing this land developed as it would benefit the village. Owing to the location there are some restrictions on the type of enterprise that is acceptable. It would be suitable for a new office development or light workshops. Pedestrian access to the village centre would be possible.


If you are interested in locating a business in Kincardine O’Neil please contact David Smart

Tel: 01330 824888


Strutt and Parker,

St. Nicholas House,

68 Station Road,


AB31 5YJ


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