Central Fountain

This Central Fountain and the area around it was built to commemorate the millennium year 2000.

1. Why is someone standing in the pond in the old photo
2. The stones that surrounded the pond in the early photos are now around a sundial in the garden. Can you find it?
3. The three wooden benches that surround the pond contain the letters MM – do you know why?

The shape of the tops of the walls behind the benches mimics the coping of the bottom wall of the garden. You can only see this if you step outside the garden but it comes in the category of “good to know”.

The gate celebrates the life of Nicky Bradford’s father, David Philip Smythe, who died when she was only a year old. It was rescued from a cousin’s house in Perthshire when the house was being sold.​

This photo shows the previous pond at this location. Why is someone standing in the water?

Helen Davidson was a housemaid at the castle. She was trying to take a photo and the people she was photographing said “go back a bit” and she took a step backwards. The stones that surrounded the pond in this photo now surround the sundial which is somewhere in this walled garden.

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“Thank you so much Andrew & Nicky for making our daughter’s wedding the most amazing fairytale wedding any bride could hope for. Thank you for taking so much off Doreen’s and my hands given that we had to arrange a wedding with 2 weeks notice given Doreen’s health. Everything was just perfect and we shall never be able to thank you enough.”

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