Commercial Property

Commercial Property

The estate rents out commercial property – 4 shops and a number of workshops and land for other commercial enterprises. We set reasonable rents in order to try to encourage economic activity in the community.

It is a regret that some successful businesses have had to move away from the estate because we’ve not been in a position to offer them larger premises to enable them to scale up their business.

We are trying to address that issue and have recently sought a pre-planning comment from Aberdeenshire Council for a proposed Business Enterprise Park. We are more than a little astonished to find that the council has a policy on this to limit such areas to 0.5ha in size and a proposal that would create a maximum of 5 jobs. We cannot understand how such a policy to restrict economic activity and employment opportunities ever came about. It seems utterly bizarre to us. We shall fight on in our attempt to try to encourage local economic activity.


Kincardine Estate is home to a stone quarry. This is operated by Aberdeenshire Council and the main output is crushed rock much of which is used for roads in the area.  Output varies according to need but is around 100,000 tons per annum.

The quarry has been operational for many decades. It has produced a useful cash-flow to the estate and it is this money, more than any other source, which enabled us to renovate and upgrade our rented housing in the 1980s and 90s when they had been reduced to such poor condition as a result of government interference – read more about housing here.


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“We had such a lovely stay at the castle for the Luthman/Snell wedding. The breakfasts, cocktail hours and our dinner on Sunday evening were all equally wonderful and fit for Royalty! Thank you so much for the hospitality and making us feel so welcome in your castle-home”.  April 2016

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