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Religious Ceremonies

Where shall we have the wedding?

You can have a religious ceremony in a church or here at Kincardine either inside or outside.

We have a beautiful small Scottish Episcopal Church in Kincardine O'Neil (1 mile) it seats about 100 and, as we are members of that church, we can put you in touch with the Rector or Priest-in-Charge to explore the possibility of a marriage there.

Alternatively you may wish to get married in a different church altogether and hold the reception here at Kincardine.

Can we have the wedding at Kincardine Castle?

In short, yes you can, but read on. A wedding ceremony in the castle or in the gardens must by performed by a minister of religion and that category includes Humanists and Multi-faith Ministers.

So far all wedding ceremonies at Kincardine have been carried out at the foot of the main staircase in the Great Hall as this gives a ‘stage’ which elevates the principal characters so that all can see clearly. It isn’t the only option and details like this are best resolved at a site visit.

Who will perform the ceremony?

If you want a religious service then you need to give consideration as to whom you will have to officiate.

Understandably some priests and ministers will only perform marriages for regular members of their congregation or regular churchgoers. Any priest or minister worth his or her salt will want to take you through some form of marriage preparation. Some of the couples who have married at Kincardine have a relation who is in the Ministry and whom they wish to use to marry them.

So there are lots of possibilities but our sound advice is to explore this issue at an early stage.

We don’t really have a faith but we don’t want to marry in a Registry Office – what then?

There is the option of using a Humanist Minister or a Multi-faith Minister. Such services would be held here at Kincardine Castle either inside or out.

In summary the Humanist service is a secular one, any mention of God or the singing of hymns is not allowed. The vows you say, which you write yourselves with guidance, are very real and the service provides a genuine commitment to each other in front of your friends and relations. We have had a number of Humanist ceremonies here and can give some advice about which ministers to use.

Multi-faith services can incorporate mention of God and the singing of religious hymns or songs. They can incorporate aspects of a variety of religions rather than one.

We suggest you use the internet to find out more about these options.

What is the cost?

The actual cost of hiring a church and minister isn’t actually very great – a few hundred pounds.

We want a civil ceremony

See page on non-religious ceremonies.

Marriage Licence

You will need a Marriage Licence. If you don’t have this vital document then all the rest of the preparations can be perfected but you won’t be legally married.