Working Weekend

Once or twice a year we have a Working Weekend where the ‘entertainment’ on the Saturday is some good healthy outdoor work such as bonfiring.  You could think of it as team-building but it is also probably the closest you’ll get to a genuine Big House house-party in the modern era where everyone is expected to pull their weight.  Owing to your contribution to the event, in the form of work, these working weekends are at a reduced price. Great fun. Minimum Group size is 16.

Example:  Working House Party for 10 couples.

Friday evening:  Arrive, settle into rooms, drinks,  supper, bed-time

Saturday:  After breakfast we start work at 0900 in the gardens, pruning, bonfiring, planting trees etc. Work is supervised and we limit access to machinery etc to avoid risks.  Tea break mid morning; lunch at 1300 and an afternoon of the same.  We stop around 1630 or when light fades if mid-winter and back to a lovely log fire in the Great Hall for afternoon tea.  Drinks, supper and bed-time follow. Some groups like to smarten up for this meal, or fancy dress, masks, . . .  your call.

Sunday:  After breakfast we can offer a bit more work or a trip to our lovely little village church for 1000am service.  Afterwards a jug of Bloody Mary, some lunch and depart.


Note: While we’ll have chefs prepare the food we expect guests to help with serving and washing up the meals. A third of the group will each look after supper, breakfast and lunch.



Some kind words from our previous guests…

“We can’t thank you enough or begin to relate our thanks and appreciation for sharing your beautiful home.  Never could we have imagined that our own fairy tale wedding could be this magical, and you both have been key to creating this for us. Our memories will last a life-time and forever we will hold a very dear place in our hearts for Kincardine and the gracious hosts who made our dreams come true. Thank you so very much.” Sept. 2017

John & Megan
Sept. 2017