Tours of Castle and Gardens

This castle tour is a rare opportunity to step, for a while, into the lives of a couple who have dedicated their lives to the preservation of a building, its history and culture, while striving to sustain a rural community in the modern world. Don’t miss it.

Kincardine Castle is the private home of a Scottish Laird and his Lady. On this exclusive and very entertaining private tour you will spend some time with them. Andrew & Nicky Bradford will share their extraordinary life with you in their Little Bit of Heaven – their beautiful house and gardens which stand hidden from public view on their 3,000 acre estate.

The Laird will act as your guide and on a tour of the castle you might find out what Queen Elizabeth did in the Great Hall and how Tutankhamun, Macbeth, Guy Fawkes, Jane Austen, Alfred Brendel and Dracula fit into the story.

Inspiration from a Princess and hard work have combined to produce a series of beautiful gardens. The Woodland Gardens, Wild Flower Meadow, Shrub Borders, Planetary Garden and Walled Gardens are included in the tour.

Learn how this estate, in addition to farming, forestry, hunting, fishing and shooting, cares for wildlife and the environment and strives to support a rural community – providing shops, workshops and affordable housing.


Eat in the magnificent Dining Room surrounded by family portraits from the last 400 years – and hear their stories. The delicious food will be prepared by the Laird’s professional and versatile chefs who’ve worked and taught in some of London’s top restaurants and cooking schools.

This is a day for all the senses

See the extensive Highland views which reach to the Queen’s Balmoral Estate and beyond while nearer to hand you can enjoy the gardens and Dutch Old Masters

Smell the fine oak panelling mingled with the hint of wood smoke from the log fire, and the roses in the garden.

Feel the smooth polished wood of a 340 year old table

Hear the chime of a clock that’s been keeping time for over 300 years

Taste not only the delicious food but also sample some of the Castle’s yummy food products. You can buy these if you wish.

It will be a time which not only fills your senses but creates wonderful memories of your visit and you’ll also be given a potentially life-saving tip as to what to do when being eaten by a tiger.

Prices and Conditions:

Available for groups of 15 or more. Maximum 40. Groups of more than 30 will get a 5% discount on these prices.

Tour of castle and gardens with:

£31.50 per person

£28.50 per person

£24.00 per person

Extras – On arrival:

Tours take approx. 90 to 120 mins.


Some kind words from our previous guests…

For me staying at Kincardine Castle was a memorable experience – a revelation! Thanks to you I discovered a wonderful country. I cannot wait to be back. June 2018

M. Couloucoundis, New York, NY