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Testimonials From House Parties / Private Entertainment

These are genuine comments from guests who've either written in our visitors' book or written having stayed here at Kincardine Castle. It is better to read what they say about the experience than for us to extol the virtues of our accommodation and hospitality. 

"The house is fabulous, food delicious and you are incredible hosts." Christy , California, July 2015.

"We enjoyed your beautiful castle and your hospitality. The entertainment was terrific.  We hope your home can stay with your family forever." Kathy & Dennis, California, July 2015

"Your stunningly beautiful home only adds more to the beauty in Scotland. This will be a treasured memory - the gardens, hospitality, food and entertanment was beyond compare. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful place with us." Ken and Sami, Arizona, July 2015


"We shall never forget the extraordinary warmth of your welcome at Kincardine. You two are wonderful hosts and you spoilt us rotten. You have a very special house, and you have the great gift of being able to share it with people you’ve never met before, treat them as friends and make them feel completely at home."

"Fabulous hospitality. We had so much fun that this should be illegal."


(From a past guest after a 13-year interval between visits). Thank you both for all you did for us, for me it was like coming home after a long while.

"Your warmth and hospitality is unsurpassed and of course both of you, with endless talent in music and story telling, makes staying with you at Kincardine a magical moment in time. It was an enormous milestone in my life and I just wanted you to know and send you both heartfelt thanks always."

"I was just spell-bound by everything – the lovely smells of burning wood as we stepped up to the Great Hall before baked cake took over, beautiful furniture, cosy bedrooms and art that has lined the walls for ages."

"Our week at Kincardine was exceptional made even more so by your generous, fun hospitality. The castle is beautiful and comfortable. Our walks in the Scottish countryside were beautiful – the land seems enchanted."

"What fantastic hosts you are – you made us feel so at home. It is so wonderful to see how you are promoting good stewardship of such a beautiful house and estate – all power to you."

"Thanks for the welcome of your home and your lands. It is obvious that you cherish them both. Good luck with the management of this beautiful estate and thank you for your hospitality."

"We had a most memorable week with the Bradfords. Scotland and especially Kincardine will always hold a special place in my heart."

"This certainly has been the high point of my first trip to Scotland. Thank you so much for your hospitality and for indulging my many questions about your Jane Austen connection."

"Thank you for sharing your little piece of heaven on earth with us. Beautiful, welcoming and each afternoon was like ‘coming home’."

"What a magical week. Everything was perfect – food, walks, conversations and company. Thank you for sharing your home and your lives with us."

"From the first moment I saw pictures of Kincardine I knew our trip to Scotland would be an adventure. What I did not know was that the Bradford family would show us the time of our lives. You are now our Scotland cousins. We await your visit to Texas. Thank you for introducing us to Royal Deeside. We all want to return soon."

"A paragraph seems and is inadequate to say thank you and goodbye to this magical place and you wonderful people. The estate of Kincardine has become our Brigadoon and we can only hope that it and you are a part of our lives before the next 100 years. You've opened your doors and your hearts and for that there is no adequate thanks - but thank you, thank you, thank you."

"What an amazing place! It’s been a perfect occasion – made even better by the warm hospitality and beautiful scenery."

"Yes, we had a fantastic time, the hospitality and local knowledge of Andrew, Nicky & Charlie cannot be described by words, and the castle itself is indeed a very special place:-)"

"Andrew and Nicky - As large and magnificent as this estate is, there is an element of human nature that transcends it all - without question your heart shines brighter than the warm October sun filling us all with your sense of adventure, your love of life and your passion for great conversation. You are truly remarkable people, lovely, brilliant, funny and incredibly genuine. Thank you for sharing your lives with me - You are most loved."

"Thank you for an incredible time, we don’t want to leave."

"In my feeling of life and experience, spirit is everything - or nearly everything, and here we had, for starters the sprit of our dear friends and the kind and loving and enthusiastic spirits of all their friends, and the eternal ever-natural spirit of Kincardine; but above it all and through it all is your spirit, Nicky and Andie - it is one of gentle intelligence and easy warmth, acceptance, attention to each and every individual - extraordinary! Unforgettable, and we will always cherish it."

"You looked after our every need from the moment we arrived. Thank you for welcoming us into your home."

"Thank you so much for an absolutely fantastic weekend at Kincardine Castle. You both contributed in making it into a magical and memorable birthday celebration."

"Once again a blast!"

"A time of extraordinary friendship in the warmest of family settings. We indeed feel like royalty!"

"An extraordinary experience in every respect - setting, people and feeling - for days on end and evenings, too. Thank you so much for your excellent hospitality, for the warmth of your welcome and the pleasure of our stay. You have friends in Boston who now feel they have part of themselves in Scotland."

"We have been longing for a country estate and now we have perfection - great: music, food, wines, comfort, warmth and lots of love. The sun ALWAYS shines here . . . with thanks and our love."

"It has been a dream come true! Thank you for making it all happen."

"I've come home to Scotland for the second time in 3 months in 42 years! The wind, the rain, the sunshine, the hail all rolled into 100 hours. I've met new friends, re-acquainted with old ways - roamed around the links, the moors and always came 'Home' to Kincardine - the most spectacular place. Thank you for your hospitality, your warmth and a most fabulous holiday."

"A wonderfully special time - a huge thank you."

"A proper "thank you" will follow shortly but A--- and I wanted to quickly get in touch to say that our stay at your wonderful, wonderful home was beyond our imagination. If you could have heard A--- the month before departure carry on about why should she have any fun at a cold, old hunting lodge in northern Scotland....Well, needless to say it was the ONLY vacation we have ever taken together where she was sad to come home (she is a classic "homebody"). All because of you both."

"Our 'world view' has been changed forever!! Heartfelt thanks to you both in giving us a special glimpse into your wonderful world. These days go into our life best of memories and top of our list of places we will visit again . . . soon! Thank you Andie and Nicky from the bottom of our hearts. You are the best."

"Yours is a fantastic family and it has been a tremendous privilege to have met you this past long week-end: perfect host, very pleasant, really 'simpatici' as we would say in Italy, efficient, full of care, so multi-gifted, and so on . . . unity."

"Beside the fact that we have had an unforgettable time due to our dearest friends and to the most delightful environment, to the great programme with wine-tasting, ocean liners, sight-seeing, pony trekking, castle sketching, to the Church service. Each meal was a gourmet's treat, and the wines were outstanding. These elegant dinners and breakfasts challenge and inspire the day-to-day food I prepare at home. I could go on and on, because the thought and organisation you put into our visit went way beyond our expectation. We felt very much at home, and part of your setting. Your graceful manner, and desire to share the heart of Kincardine and Scotland made this a happy memory for our lifetime."

"This old lady is so pleased to have been included in this great group. Had a wonderful time."

"What a memorable trip to Scotland. If only all our trips were as glorious as this. Thank you so much for all of your efforts, fine humour and terrific meals. We will never forget you all. We will hold these memories for a good long time and perhaps we will find our way back here someday! We will miss you all very much."

"A plan and dream that began 20 years ago has come to fruition. Delayed last year by 9/11 all the work has paid off. I am grateful to you for all your help in making a dream come true. Many, many thanks."

"So much fun and fantasy in one place. Thank you both for making our stay at glorious Kincardine a lasting memory - we will miss you - until the next time. Heaps of love
Thank you for perfection."

"A truly magical week for all of us who came to celebrate L---'s birthday! Thank you Andrew and Nicky for thinking of every detail and for taking such magnificent care of us all!! With love,"

"Kincardine has exceeded all expectations. After a year of anticipation, we have had a wonderful time. The scenery is spectacular and all activities were terrific. The weather was unreal! The highest of highlights was the hospitality of our hosts. Thank you Nicky and Andy for tending our every want and need."

"Phew! We have to catch our collective breath. Five days have passed too quickly. The moors, grouse, stag, haggis, whisky, singing, piano, poetry, Robert Burns, black sausage, our hosts, etc.! Too much to absorb all in one sitting. I hope we will be allowed to return, but we will never forget the experience. Thank you for sharing your life with us."

"Bravo. All the parts exceed the whole! In US parlance Andy - you're the man! Thank you for all the wonderful stories, songs, and meals. Kincardine is special, and a return visit is a must. Please come to the US - stay well."

"Thank you so much for opening your lovely home to us with such warm hospitality. We do hope to be back soon! Till then, many thanks, cheers"

"Very few people will have the privilege of this wonderful home and generous kind family. We are most appreciative and grateful. Looking forward to the next time."

"Thanks to the hosts at Kincardine we have done the entire larder in, wallowed in the warmth of your wonderful house and managed to miss a few hundred grouse. Huge thanks"

"To our very gracious hosts - thank you for letting us share your family home for the past several days. It has been so much more than we anticipated. We look forward to our return. Thank you again."

"Thank you so much for a wonderful stay, and intend to return for a much-needed rejuvenating sojourn."

"To have you open your home and your hearts to perfect strangers and make them feel like old friends so genuinely makes all feel so welcome! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We demand you presence in the States next June in order to meagrely return your gargantuan hospitality! "

"I feel that we have met lifelong friends and have had the most wonderful time imaginable! Andie, Nicky and the entire cast have been both gracious and entertaining - and Louisa - the food. . . . XOXO"

"(With a gift of some sheet music.) A few additions for your wonderful repertoire --- It was such a really wonderful time - we are definitely coming back next year . . if you will have us! Please come visit us in the US and again, many many thanks for the most memorable of times."

"We are still basking in the glow of Kincardine and just want you all to know how much we enjoyed spending time in your home and getting to know you."

"We all had the trip of a lifetime; meaning that it was filled with perfect days and perfect nights. You are consummate hosts and consummate persons - piano playing, dog training, singing, cooking, writing, sailing, guiding . . . wow! "

'A--- remarked again this morning how much she had been thinking of Scotland and how noisy and crowded it seems here now. You've managed in a short week to seduce her from her visions of Vermont as Shangri La."

"Our week with you both at Kincardine was the highlight of the year - of the decade!
Again, wonderful, wonderful time had by all. Thanks Nicky and Andie for your superb hospitality and for looking after us so well."

"Great Estate/ Great Weather/ Great Food & Drink/ Magnificent Bradford FAMILY!
Thank you for a great holiday. The estate almost as wonderful as the hosts.

"A dream family adventure - from planning via e-mail to arrival - through every wonderful day and evening - thank you for an extraordinary week in your castle."

"Thank you for extending such warm hospitality to us. We really did feel 'at home'. What a precious heritage you are protecting. God bless you as you maintain community here."

"10 years later and its better than ever."

From a US Foreign Service Agent who wrote a kindly message in the Visitors' book in 2003 at the time of the Second Gulf War - as he put the pen down he said, with a knowing wink "Could be worse - I could be in Baghdad" - we insisted he wrote that bit in too. 

"Once again you've made your home our home. It just keeps getting better and better." 

"A delightful stay with super food. My husband may not be happy with my sketches for the laburnum walk. That gentleman was right – it is better than Baghdad."

"Thank you, thank you for another pound gaining, hill straining, elbow bending wonderful time. Your largesse and hospitality are unmatched in all of Scotland."

"Yet another extraordinary visit with the Bradfords in lovely Kincardine. The best time, best company, best food."

"Whew, gosh, the night of a thousand stars . . ."

"Thank you so much for a wonderful stay: excellent dinner, fantastic setting but mostly such a personal welcome. A true honour to be a guest! Merci encore!"

"As an introduction to Aberdeenshire, I cannot see how it could have been improved.
Please hold on to this beautiful house and all it represents. It is what makes you and your family and the whole atmosphere of the place. It is worth the constant effort it certainly will require.

"The combination of good food, good wine, good conversation and faultless hospitality make for an unforgettable experience."

"Thank you so much for a beautiful weekend - its like stepping into a fairy-tale. The scenery, setting, hospitality, food, wine - everything has been magnificent. Can't wait to return!"

"What a wonderful weekend. I cannot thank you enough for your amazing hospitality and for all your help in planning this weekend. The aim at the outset was to have a weekend to remember full of fun and relaxation. All of my expectations have been exceeded. An absolutely wonderful time. I can't thank both you and Nicky for a perfect weekend."

"We've been spoilt rotten."

"Thank you all for making us so welcome at Kincardine and for giving us such a happy, comfortable and well-fed time. The music was delightful and so much appreciated. The castle was just such a lovely, restful place to come back to after our journeyings around the countryside."

"I still can’t get over the view from the Great Hall to the hills and their ever-changing colours."

"It was really a joy to stay in your lovely home, so full of atmosphere, and experience your warmth and friendliness to people you have never met before. The cooking was superb, and so lovely sitting at the long table each night with the candelabra gleaming magnificently. You all went to so much trouble."

"It was one of the most enjoyable and memorable holidays that I have ever had. The food and wine in particular were outstanding."

"What a house-party you put on for us in your lovely castle. It was all so much fun while we learned of your history, castles, country estates and architecture with decorative arts to feast our eyes. You both were such delightful hosts and my memories of your wonderful family will last forever. Many thanks for all your energy and enthusiasm."

"Thank you so much for the wonderful hospitality you gave to the group last week. Staying in a private home instead of a hotel added hugely to their enjoyment of the tour. They have all been very enthusiastic about the personal touch and the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere."

"It was lovely to be able to share your beautiful home for that all too short stay, with its wonderful views, superb cuisine, every comfort and the pleasure of those extra touches such as the musical interludes, the anecdotes and the skirl of pipes! I will think back nostalgically on that nightly glass of champagne and the elegant table settings which have been just two of the spoiling features!"

"No words can describe how happy we were to stay at Kincardine. The Bradfords are the kindest, most fun & entertaining couple and made us all feel like members of the family" wrote a Virtuoso Agent travelling with a group in September 2009.

Again, many thanks for your hospitality when my friends stayed with you. You and Nicky have a gift for putting people at ease – of course the double magnum probably contributed to that as well.

Again, wonderful, wonderful time had by all. Thanks Nicky and Andie for your superb hospitality and for looking after us so well.

Please hold on to this beautiful house and all it represents. It is what makes you and your family and the whole atmosphere of the place. It is worth the constant effort it certainly will require.

What a smashing garden you have, what a lot of work!!  My favourite is the garden at the top of the drive rather wild with small ponds and wood piles.

Finally from an agent based in Scotland.

“I have heard so much of what you do at home for the groups you have and now I have seen for myself. You were the best hosts I have ever seen - the atmosphere was terrific and all the Americans loved being with you. Your singing after dinner was amazing.”