Famous Chefs

We are fortunate enough to have had, over the years, a selection of Britain’s more famous chefs to stay and cook. For us they were enormously entertaining weekends for not only did we get to help a little with the cooking but also we got to eat the delicious end results.

We are lucky now to have two superb resident chefs who, while they don’t yet have the celebrity status of the list below, produce food that is on the same level.

Jean Christophe Novelli – “Thank you for such an amazing memorable experience. Bon Appetit. A Bientot.”

Aldo Zilli –  “The best house in the world of chefs. Good luck, lots of love and thank you.”

Antony Worrall Thompson – “Thank you for being wonderful hosts, come and see us in London” & “A fantastic visit to a madly loveable Scottish semi. I hope you’ll have us back, fire alarms or not.” & “Great, as always” & “Once again a big thank you for all your hospitality and friendship”

Brian Turner – “Loads a love; what great daze; hope to see you soon” & “Great fellowship, great fun – a real pleasure”

Chris and James Tanner – “Thanks for having us at the great Kincardine” & “Thanks for introducing us to the wonders of whisky”

Ed Baines –  “Great hosts”

Gordon Ramsay – “Best wishes”

James Martin – “Had a fantastic weekend – great food, brill wine and fab company. Leaving on Sunday with a sore head and full stomach – signs of a good time. Thank you for having me in your kitchen.”


Matt Tebbutt – “Thank you for a fantastic stay, some great wines and legendary whisky! Beautiful house & hospitality.”

Nick Nairn – “Thanks for putting up with the Whooshing Chef. Happy Cooking”

Paul and Jeanne Rankin –  “Great place, great hospitality and friendship. We’ll be back” & “Great Mayonnaise, Nicky, now keep on cooking” & “and the ravioli isn’t bad either”

Paul Rankin – “Wonderful to come back again. Happy cooking, but keep it saucy”

Ross Burdon – “What super hosts you are”

Theo Randall – “Nicky and Andrew, the best hosts in Scotland. Wonderful weekend cooking”

Tom Kitchin – “Great time – loved the foraging”

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Some kind words from our previous guests…

It has been a very special and wonderful experience. Your hospitality is unsurpassed.  June 2018

M Abel Smith, Middleburg, VA