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Famous Chefs

Over the last 15 years or so we have one client firm which annually gives a couple of gourmet dinners at Kincardine for its favoured clients. In doing so they engage a celebrity chef for the weekend and so we are fortunate enough to have had, over the years, a selection of Britain’s best known chefs to stay and cook.

These gourmet dinner weekends are one of our favourite times of the year and while they are very hard work they are also enormously entertaining weekends for us for not only do we get to help a little with the cooking but then we get to eat the delicious end results.

“The best house in the world of chefs. Good luck, lots of love and thank you.”
Aldo Zilli

“Thank you for being wonderful hosts, come and see us in London”
“A fantastic visit to a madly loveable Scottish semi. I hope you’ll have us back, fire alarms or not.”
“Great, as always”
“Once again a big thank you for all your hospitality and friendship”

Antony Worrall Thompson

“Loads a love; what great daze; hope to see you soon”
“Great fellowship, great fun – a real pleasure”

Brian Turner

“Thanks for having us at the great Kincardine”
“Thanks for introducing us to the wonders of whisky”

Chris and James Tanner

“Great hosts”

Ed Baines

"Best wishes”

Gordon Ramsay

“had a fantastic weekend – great food, brill wine and fab company. Leaving on Sunday with a sore head and full stomach – signs of a good time. Thank you for having me in your kitchen.”

James Martin

Well - we had to include our daughter in this list. Not yet as famous as the others but one to watch. She started her cooking career at an early age at Kincardine, trained with Leith's Cookery School, has assisted a number of others on this list for the Kincardine gourmet weekends, has worked for Clarkes and Theo Randall in London and is currently an instructor at Leith's Cookery School in London.

Louisa Bradford

“Thank you for a fantastic stay, some great wines and legendary whisky! Beautiful house & hospitality."

Matt Tebbutt

“Thanks for putting up with the Whooshing Chef. Happy Cooking”

Nick Nairn

“Great place, great hospitality and friendship. We'll be back”
“Great Mayonnaise, Nicky, now keep on cooking”
“and the ravioli isn’t bad either”

Paul and Jeanne Rankin

Wonderful to come back again. Happy cooking, but keep it saucy”

Paul Rankin

"What super hosts you are"

Ross Burdon

“Nicky and Andrew, the best hosts in Scotland. Wonderful weekend cooking”

Theo Randall

“Great time - loved the foraging”

Tom Kitchin