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Kincardine Castle And Gardens

Kincardine HouseThe Castle and Gardens form the centrepiece of Kincardine Estate, and are where we do most of our event hosting and entertaining. We aim to give a flavour of what a Kincardine Castle event is like by inviting you on a virtual tour of our house and gardens. Please rollover the image below to begin a photographic tour, or see our video below for a guided tour. 


The castle is a late-Victorian Arts-and-Crafts fantasy on Scottish Tower-house architecture.  The building contains parts which hint at a much older history - the architects are, in effect, pulling your leg.  The SE tower originally had two plain high walls leading up to battlements with a cap-house on top - in the style of a 14th or 15th Century keep. My grand-mother spoilt that effect by inserting three windows in one of those walls - she always claimed it was the best £15 she ever spent.   The SW tower is similar to the Seton Towers at Fyvie Castle dating from 1599. Other parts are suggestive of 18th Century additions.  Of course the huge windows and eight balconies give the game away that this was a building for welcoming people in, not for keeping them out. 


The Architects:  David Barclay Niven (1864-42) studied under Sir Aston Webb and became his chief assistant. Webb was responsible for the main facade of Buckingham Palace and the Cromwell Road entrance of the Victoria and Albert Museum - among many others.  Herbert Hardy Wigglesworth (1866-1949) studied under Marshall Mackenzie (Aberdeen) and then Ernest George & Peto (known as 'the Eton of Architecture') in London. Niven married Sarah Wigglesorth and he and his brother-in-law Herbert Wigglesworth set up in business in 1893. Kincardine was their first major commission.  

Wheelchairs: We have ramped access to the meeting room and bedrooms on the ground floor. The Tallboy Room is suitable for wheelchairs with a large wet-shower room. To reach the Principal Floor a long grass ramp leads to a side door whence access leads to the whole floor and access is possible with assistance. All doors are wide enough for wheel chairs on this floor and there's a suitably large bathroom / toilet. Neither of the wheel-chair suitable bathrooms have all the handles and bells & whistles of a full disabled toilet but they've proved adequate for all that have tried it so far.


A Guided Tour Of Kincardine Castle & Gardens With Andrew Bradford