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Kincardine Castle is one of only four Scottish Properties featured in the documentary series Great Estates. The 60 minute programme on Kincardine Castle gives an insight into what makes places like this tick in today’s age. Living in a biggish Victorian castle in the early 21st century is clearly a challenge – it is never going to be an easy task. The owner, Andrew Bradford, likens it to having a vintage Bentley motor-car – “you can either stick it in a garage or museum and polish it, or you can take it out on the road and drive it for fun – I know which I’d prefer”.

Kincardine Castle is the active centrepiece of Kincardine Estate. The land-based activities on the estate are forestry, farming, salmon and sea-trout fishing, game-bird hunting and deer stalking. However the biggest enterprise is property rental – the estate provides 69 houses plus some shops and workshops. Most of the houses are leased at affordable rents in order to provide housing opportunities for people working locally on modest incomes. This is in line with the estate’s policy of trying to support a local community. There is also a stone quarry, a food business and the corporate and private entertainment business – the latter two utilise the castle.

The castle is available for corporate or private hire as an exclusive-use venue for accommodation, meetings and conferences, weddings and private dining. The smallest group accepted is six guests and the castle has 29 guest beds in 16 bedrooms – each of which have their own bathroom.

The castle does not operate as an hotel but, instead, groups stay with the owners Andrew and Nicky Bradford and are treated as family friends. As one very-seasoned traveller said recently “this is world-class hospitality”. Our first-class chefs jproduce superb food and delight in using local produce (often from the castle’s garden) and first-class Scottish meat, fish and cheeses. The excellent cellar is used to complement the menus.

Guests who stay have the fun of learning how an estate such as Kincardine operates and share in discovering the fascinating family history. By staying at Kincardine Castle they are, of course, helping to preserve the fabric of a wonderful fairy-tale building in a beautiful Scottish location.

TV Documentaries are, of course, written to include some form of story-line. Viewers can therefore take some of the material on fishing and shooting with a suitable pinch of salt! Nevertheless we hope the programme overall gives a reasonable impression of a little bit of our busy lives.

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Occasionally we have open events which enable you to visit without having to bring a group.

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“Our special weekend was made even more special by our gracious and charming hosts. Our guests were bewitched by the venue, delighted with the food and enthralled by the service and people. Thank you so very much for ensuring our marriage has the finest start”.  Sept. 2017

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