Wild Flowers

We encourage Wild Flowers to grow in several parts of the Kincardine Castle Gardens.

The grassy area outside the Walled Garden is called The Enclosure which, theoretically, is free of rabbits. Down the garden wall meanders a long Shrub Border and a grass path is kept beside it. The rest of The Enclosure is left to its own devices each summer and only mown in the early autumn.  This laziness is rewarded by a wonderful succession of colourful wild flowers. First to come are a few Snowdrops, then Wood Anenomes and some Daffodils which survive from this area’s previous existence. Then we have a pause before it turns orange with Orange Hawkweed, sometimes called Fox and Cubs. In the high summer we’re now seeing some Common Spotted Orchids, Yellow Hawkweed and then Scottish Bluebells.  The joy of this is that we have done nothing to deserve this spectacular succession of wild flowers.

For decades the enclosure was mown several times a year and the grass carted away. It was a great deal of work in order to produce an area of grass that was neither lawn nor meadow. I suspect this activity impoverished the ground suitably that, when we simply stopped mowing, the wild flowers found an ideal habitat.

The memorial Poppy stone was laid in 2014 to mark the centenary of the start of The Great War. We are trying to get poppies to grow there.

Elsewhere on Kincardine Estate the wild flowers are equally good. Sometimes the Wood Anenomes are so abundant that it looks like a fresh fall of snow.


Howburn Brae Wood


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