Big Tree

This stump is all that remains of a big tree that stood here until 2017.  We had to fell it as the tree was diseased and the lower trunk rotten and we didn’t want it to blow down and hurt anyone.

Question 1: How many people does it take to link arms around the trunk?

Question 2: How old was the tree?

Question 3: Why was it felled?

Question 4: What is the tree’s botanical (Latin) name?

We have since hollowed out the trunk and you can see how rotten it was.

The tree is called a Noble Fir (Abies procera) and it was first introduced into the UK in 1830 – so we know it cannot be more than 187 years old. It is unlikely this was the first of these trees to be planted so we think it was planted around 1850. How old does that make it?

Noble Firs are native to the North-West USA and Canada.

Noble Firs have huge fir-cones (see the header photo) which are up to 200mm tall (8″ in old money) and when ripe the cones slowly disintegrate on the tree and the seeds blow away. Each seed has a wing like a single-bladed helicopter and from the top of this tree the seeds can blow a long way before reaching the ground. Our red-squirrels love the cones and tear them apart to get at the seeds.

Some of those seeds have become trees themselves – one is at the other end of this lawn and another, close to it, on the edge of the woodland garden. Can you find them?

This video shows the tree and it being felled.

You’ll find no. 3 near a small circular pond and fountain which is inside a large rectangular object. You’ll need a gate to get in. 

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