This mesmerising wind-powered sculpture was made by Lyman Whitaker, of Utah in the USA. He makes a big range of wind sculptures and we’d love to acquire more over time.

Take a moment and sit on the bench and enjoy the peace of this place.



Bricks and stone that once were part of a building have been recycled into a path and through which the grass has grown. Gradually this work will be absorbed by the earth as, in time, we all will. When the stardust that makes up our bodies is re-absorbed back into the environment you can wonder what the atoms will form part of in future. A tree, a tiny insect, a mountain range? Who knows? Make of this what you will.


A Note on the Woodland Garden

The Woodland Garden extends below the drive too.  It has been a garden for some 200 years and the trees had been allowed to grow too thickly which was shading out other plants. In 2007 we started thinning the trees, created the path network, added ponds, and planted.

As the garden is open to deer, rabbits and hares anything we plant must be fairly bomb-proof.

The main feature of the garden is a display of over 100 different varieties of Rhododendron. The first of these flowers in late winter – it once flowered on Christmas Eve and then kept flowering until mid-April. By then other rhodos have taken over until the last of them flowers in August.

There are azaleas too which mostly flower in June. In the autumn their leaves add to the display.

If you have suggestions for other colourful plants resistant to browsing we’d love to hear from you. ​

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Some kind words from our previous guests…

Thank you for your hospitality and kindness. Hope to come back some day, with much love . . June 2018

R. Franco, Palm Beach, FL