Laburnum Walk

Laburnums are related to the pea family.  PLEASE DO NOT EAT THE SEEDS THEY ARE POISONOUS.

The Laburnum Walk was planted in 1997 as an avenue of Cherry and Laburnum trees. That winter we saw a laburnum walk like this at Blairquhan Castle, Ayrshire and changed our minds.

The estimated cost of building this structure was £10,000. Far too much for us so we did it ourselves. Steel rod was bent using parts of an old combine harvester and we erected the entire thing in a weekend. Once we’d levelled it a blacksmith welded it together. The total cost was £500.

The walk usually flowers for 2 – 3 weeks around early June. In flower it smells sweetly of citrus and looks its best. However it is a splendid sight at any time of year as the snowy photo shows.

Every year someone tells us our Laburnum Walk is better than the famous one at Bodnant Castle in Wales. We can’t possibly comment save to say that they’re both pretty much identical in length.



Even in the depths of winter the Walk has great beauty providing the snow doesn’t fall down your neck. This was in February 2018 when we’d just started pruning the it.


​The Walk, just planted as an avenue in 1997. Note the condition of the paths.


The Walk in 2002. The paths much improved and the laburnum beginning to grow well.

No. 6 is on the castle near a brown door under an arch

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