The River Dee forms our southern boundary and the estate owns about one mile of salmon fishing rights on the north bank.

Atlantic Salmon enter the Dee from the sea all year round and swim upriver to spawn, usually in November. Salmon stay in the river as adults for up to 12 months and during this time they don’t feed. The young hatch in the spring and take between two and four years to grow large enough to migrate to sea and then find their way across the Atlantic to the Labrador sea to the west of Greenland. They feed well in the rich cold waters. Fish which have taken four years to weigh no more than a few ounces can weigh eight to fifteen pounds after two winters at sea.

In common with all other rivers in the world range of Atlantic Salmon the proportion of adults returning from sea has declined in recent years. There are numerous theories as to why this might be and they include the effects of global warming on the sea temperature, high-seas fishing, poaching and predation by the huge seal population now resident in UK waters and pollution and disease caused by fish farming.

On the Dee we are making strenuous efforts to turn things around and all rod caught fish are being released. The fish conservation strategy started in 1995 and continues. It takes around 6 years for the offspring of one generation of salmon to return as adults. The economic importance of salmon fishing is often under-appreciated as there is very little evidence of ‘industry’ – just a pristine river and the odd picturesque fishing hut.

In order to try to help salmon survive we operate a 100% Catch-and-Release policy. It is somewhat counter-intuitive but salmon fishing generates the money with which we can protect salmon.

If you want to fish for salmon at Kincardine Beat on the River Dee you can book online at

A great deal more information about salmon can be found here.

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