Concerts and Theatre

Indoors or out of doors Kincardine Castle can provide the perfect setting for concerts and theatre performances.

The Great Hall in Kincardine has been the venue for a number of fabulous musical evenings over the years. We have had to pinch ourselves when Clio Gould came and played her magnificent Rutson Stradivarius (1694) with the Scottish Ensemble; a truly magical evening.

During the summer months, the amazing views over Royal Deeside and the beautiful and tranquil gardens complement perfectly the fine music you are about to hear. In winter, the arrival to the floodlit castle,and the entrance through the candlelit marble hall, is just a fairytale. Once onto the Principal Floor you can be greeted with a glass of champagne in the Dining Room before moving on to enjoy the performance.

The Great Hall has excellent acoustics and a fantastic ambience. With the numbers involved we can cater for a finger buffet either during an interval, or after the concert is over. Get set for a very special evening!

The Minstrels’ Gallery

This runs the full width of the Great Hall and even extends back into the room behind. We’ve never done it but it could hold a large chamber orchestra.

Theatre and Opera

The Great Hall gives splendid opportunities for surprise and theatre. The principal staircase leads away from the Great Hall, there’s the Minstrels’ Gallery – accessible by several routes and numerous doors by which surprise entrances may be made. Truly, the only limitation is one’s imagination.

Outside Concerts, Theatre and Opera

In May 2017 we held our first ‘pop-concert’ which was organised by a third party. It was attended by 900 mostly young people who were, mostly, bussed in from Aberdeen. It ran from noon until 11pm and despite a rather dreich day the event was a success. It proved that the facilities we have work and opens the door to outside concerts and operas of all different types.  We’d love to have an outdoor Promenade Concert here so if you can do this please get in touch. In August 2018 we are hosting our first Outdoor Theatre event with the superb company Illyria performing The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Our Piano

The Steinway grand piano was built in Leipzig in 1912 and is a very fine instrument and tuned regularly. At a recent concert, the pianist said that Rachmaninov would have killed for it!


The Great Hall can seat a maximum of 100 people for a concert.

The scope for an outside event is much greater – currently we’d put it at 1,500.


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Would you like to learn more about the Concert facilities at Kincardine Castle? Please get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your requirements.


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Some kind words from our previous guests…

It has been a very special and wonderful experience. Your hospitality is unsurpassed.  June 2018

M Abel Smith, Middleburg, VA