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Darin Bunch @GetawaysGolf and Mitch Laurance @MitchLaurance on TalkingGolfGetaways each created their own lists of the 18 best places to stay, ever, in the History of the World (a typically modest approach). Four locations got onto both these lists, and of them, Kincardine Castle was the highest placed despite, when they came, the lack of full showers in most of the rooms. Happy to report that showers now in 14 of our 15 guest bathrooms and we are thrilled with their commendation. Hear for yourselves - from 23min 04secs. 



A select group of golf journalists paid us a brief visit recently. It was good to meet them, we had a great time.

"Truly an honor to be among the many who have called Kincardine home, if only for a night. We shall return and cannot thank you enough for your generosity." Darin Bunch, CA, of Golfgetaways. 

"Fabulous experience!!"  Jason Deegan, 

"Thank you so much for the tremendous hospitality and experience" Eirc Hart, Senegal

"Simply awesome" Brian Oar

"What a wonderful way to start our journey - I'll remember Kincardine and you both warmly" Mitch Laurance, SC


The PBS broadcast on Kincardine Castle as part of the Great Estates series caused such a spike in interest on our website that it tripped the fuse (I'm sure there's a more technical term for this). Anyway it is back up and running but many apologies to those who couldn't get through to us. 

We do provide accommodation for groups of six or more, pre-booked, on an exclusive-use basis only. Much more info. on our website or enquiries@kincardinecastle.com 

The Duchess just beats us.

With sorrow we mark the death of the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire. Debo, the last survivor of the Mitford sisters, took on the running of Chatsworth at a difficult time and turned it into the roaring success it is today. During her time she added 17 bathrooms to Chatsworth House. Her sister, Nancy, questioned, "now where on earth is my sister going to find the people to wash in them?" 

During our time at Kincardine we have added a mere 14 bathrooms and I seem to recall my sister making a similar comment on at least one occasion. 

Kincardine is little more than half the size of Chatsworth so we could claim we've won on bathroom density - but Debo we salute you and all you've done. 



The four-part series Great Estates is being aired coast to coast in USA in October 2014. The first of these 60 minute episodes was aired on Sunday 5th October. To the best of our knowledge the programme on Kincardine is being aired on Sunday 19th October.  See more comment on the tag under Corporate Accommodation. 

Biomass boiler saving oil

June 2014: We have now gone for 13 months without burning a single drop of oil to fire the heating system. This compares with the average annual consumption of 23,000 litres before the installation of our biomass boiler.  


If you want to know more and see lots of pictures of the system, then click the link below - Kincardine Castle's Andrew Bradford co-authored a report on this project with Nicola Grant of Historic Scotland. See Historic Scotland Refurbishment Case Study 12 Kincardine Castle 

Installation of biomass system;




Having won a Silver Medal in 2013 we are delighted that our Kincardine Kitchen has won a Gold Medal in the 2014 World Marmalade Championships for our Thick Cut Seville Orange Marmalade in the Artisan Makers Category. 

We also picked up a Silver Medal for our Lemon and Apple Orange Marmalade and a COMMENDED for our Blood Orange and Forest Fruits Marmalade. 

Guests who stay at Kincardine find these on the breakfast table but you can also buy them at several local stores or by mail order from us.